The UK job market is competitive and choosing the right course to study is a crucial step in getting hired. There are over 65,000-course options for you to study in UK. Some offer excellent graduate employment options once you complete your degree. In this article, we will go through some of the Most Employable Courses in the UK for International Students.


Study MBA in UK –

Careers in Business degrees have been one of the best-salaried jobs in the UK. Graduates with Business Administration degrees which are highly employable and attractive for employers in the UK because they have lots of transferable skills, including problem-solving skills and good management skills over projects.

The popular business degrees in UK are:

· MSc Marketing,
· Master of Business Administration
· MSc Management
· MSc International Business,
· MA Human Resource Management
MSc Logistics and Supply Chain Management
Generally, 85% of graduates with a business degree find a job within 6 months of their degree completion. But you must attend some of the top university and need to be very proactive with your networking skills to land up a job in the UK. Some of the best universities to pursue a management and business degree in the UK are as follow:

· London Business School
· Imperial College London
· Hull International Business School
· University Of Warwick
· The University of Manchester
· University Of Oxford Said Business School
· London School of Economics and Political Science
· University Of Cambridge Judge Business School

Study Engineering in UK
Engineering is a broad subject. With the average starting salary for engineering graduates being around £25,000. Engineering universities run a lot of partnerships with organizations that offer you internships and job opportunities. The average Employability Rate is 62 – 75%, depending on the engineering stream. Here are the best engineering degree UK:

· Chemical Engineering
· Chemical Engineering
· Bioengineering
· Aeronautics
· Civil Engineering
· General engineering
· Mechanical Engineering
· Environmental Engineering
· Electronic Engineering
· Software Engineering

Engineering schools in UK have gained popularity worldwide. Their study programs prepare their students with the required skills and knowledge within their job market. Top universities for engineering in UK are:

· University of Cambridge
· University of Oxford
· Imperial College London
· UCL (University College London)
· The University of Manchester
· University of Edinburgh
· University of Southampton
· University of Bristol
· The University of Sheffield
· The University of Nottingham

Still, do you have some doubts? Check the complete guide: Engineering in UK

Study Medicine in UK
Medicine and healthcare subject areas were and continue to be one of the most popular courses in the United Kingdom. Studying medicine courses in the UK has been popular among the international students. Medicine and Dentistry graduates have one of the highest graduate employment rates with 99.4% and 91% after 6 Months of Course Completion. Other science subjects under skill-shortage include:

· Biomedicine
· Paramedical Science
· Surgery
· Veterinary Medicine
· Pharmacy
· Nursing
· Psychotherapy
· Molecular Medicine
· Medical Biotechnology
· Paramedic courses
Regardless of what medical course you may choose to attend in the UK, the benefits and opportunities that you will receive are plenty. With a medical degree, you are open to a wide range of job opportunities. For example, surgeon, psychiatrist, cardiologist, pathologist, etc. Best medical schools in the UK are:

· University of Manchester
· University of Oxford
· King’s College London
· Imperial College London
· University of Glasgow
· University of Cambridge
· University College London (UCL)
· University of Edinburgh
· University of Liverpool
· Queen Mary University of London

For details on the universities and courses in medicine, visit: Medicine and Healthcare in UK

Study Law in UK
Law courses in the United Kingdom have become popular and highly competitive for international students. 89.9% of law students have found employment or moved on to further studies within six months of graduating, with many focusing on specialized areas at a postgraduate level. Law programs at institutions in UK provide an intensive and critical understanding of the fundamental legal principles and practical skills. Here the best law degrees in UK:

· Criminology and Law.
· International Human Rights Law.
· Bachelor of Law.
· BA Law
· Doctorate in Law
· Civil Law.
· Criminal Justice.
· LLM Law
· Masters in Corporate Law
These courses open them up to limitless opportunities available in their field. Law graduates gain countless job opportunities such as barrister, advocate, Legislative analyst, solicitor, patent attorney, etc. It is estimated that a law graduate earns an average salary of £35,000 per year. The best university to study law in UK are:

· Queen Mary University of London
· University of Cambridge
· Durham University
· University of Oxford
· University of Edinburgh
· University College London (UCL)
· University of Glasgow
· King’s College London
· University of Manchester

Study Computer Science and IT degrees in the UK

Computer Science and Information Technology graduates are highly employable in the UK job market. There is a high demand for Information Technology experts, programmers, and software developers. A computer science degree in the UK can offer you unlimited job opportunities in different sectors.

The field of computing is broad and diverse. It gives you many computing degrees to choose from. The most lucrative specialisations include:

· Data Science
· IT Business Analytics
· Web Designing and Development
· Cybersecurity
· Artificial Intelligence

Computer Games Technology
Regardless of which computing route you go down; you can expect to be in huge demand which is evident by the fact that 80% of graduates find employment within 6 months of graduation. Computer Science employees earn around £42,500 per year and can go as high as £72,500.

Here are some of the top universities for a degree in Computer Science:

University of Cambridge
University of Oxford
Imperial College London
The University of Edinburgh
University College London
King’s College London
The University of Manchester
Lancaster University
The London School of Economics and Political Science
University of Warwick

The post-Covid-19 job market will be highly competitive in the UK. It is not enough to just choose from top courses to study in the UK when planning your future in the country. It’s extremely essential to choose the right subject area and course to increase your employability opportunities in the UK.

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