If you are a fresh graduate or wish to complete your Undergraduate or Postgraduate degree from one of the top-ranked University in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Finland, Denmark, Europe you are in the right place. So, please feel free to contact our help & support team who will guide you to find the right career path regardless the place you’re coming from.

Contact our local office or country representatives for further guidance and supports.
We offer fast response and 24/7 service.
Alternatively you always can contact us via using the following option.
Email: info@zainglobal.co.uk
Phone: 0044 020 7791 3220

Our expert will always provides best efforts to support your admission enquiry most fruitfully. But if you still need to contact University admission officer we are happy to find an appointment for you.

It is important to know the UK universities and campus experience. Therefore, we have UK graduate counsellor who will be able to tell you practical experience of UK University study.

Our expert will guide you, how to make a perfect Scholarship application to the UK University.

Please kindly consult with our compliance team to avoid any unnecessary visa refusal.

We have own compliance expert’s, who guided our students freely and if you need more information about your visa application guidance and if you are unsure where to apply, please contact with our compliance to get more supports.

Do not forget to consult with your dedicated counsellor to avoid any uncertainty during your journey. We encourage you to contact our UK head office or send your travel itinerary if you need any further assistance upon your arrival.

We look forward to welcoming new UK institutes. If you are a UK University and wish to recruit through Zain Global London, please kindly drop a line and our Business Development Manager will contact you very soon.

Zain Global London team is helping international students to get a place to the UK University. We always encourage our students to join our professionals. So, if you are planning to join with our team to supports international students, please make an enquiry now.

Your feedback is very important to us. That’s because we are constantly improving our services. However, we want you to give us advice and information about how we can do well, so please do not hesitate to write us or give us a ring and share your thoughts about Zain Global London and its services.

How you tell us or write us:
Write US: info@zainglobal.co.uk
Call us: 00447536036120 (WhatsApp)

We will look forward to hearing from you. We wish to create a good impression within the industry to be proud of. So, be keep in touch with our social media.

The most widely accepted English language tests are IELTS (International English Language Testing System), TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language), and PTE (Pearson Test of English). Additionally, some universities accept the Duolingo English Test.