About Us


Zain Global is a UK – based education services provider, founded in 2012. We recruit students from every corner of the world to the world’s leading universities. We are Certified by British Council as global agent and we have successfully recruited national and international students in universities. Globally, since 2012 onwards and we have consistently achieved this goal with so much undergraduates and postgraduates who apply each year are choosing our student support services. So there is a high percentage of citizens in the UK and Europeans who believe in our company and they are satisfied with our student support services.


Is to become more diverse and reach broader and larger platforms globally and thus spread education around the world, as our team of professionals tailor-made applications for various fields of study: Medicine, Business Studies and Entrepreneurship, IT, Performing Arts, Business Management, Law, Health and social care, Hospitality management, Project managements, Finance and accounting Engineering, MBA, History, International relations, Politics, Media, Psychology, Sociology, Advertising, Marketing, Tourism, Hospitality, Nursing, Obstetrics, Social care, Photography, Fashion, Environmental sciences and much more Other specific student programs.


More than 50 partners universities and our student support services have been successfully used in countries such as the US, UK, Sweden, India, Bangladesh, China, Malaysia, Romania, and much more, that’s why we are awarded to be British Council certified in 2018.


In London, located in the heart of East London, an acclaimed, multicultural and popular historic city that is a true inspirational home for students looking to improve their career prospects and goals. And also as East London is home to some of the capital’s very best museums, historic houses, markets, restaurants and green spaces. So, with East London quickly becoming the hub of all things trendy and dare we say it, hipster, there are now more things than ever to do in this often overlooked part of London.


Zain Global Ltd was created with the philosophy to be a bridge between desire, potential and future careers, real and useful guidance for students around the world, because we believe that everyone should have access to quality education. So in line with that philosophy, we want to create opportunities for those who have the original application but can’t afford to pay excessive tuition, so we approach our partner institutions accordingly. And they agree to keep tuition “affordable” within the range while maintaining the highest quality standard.


Is made up of staff who share the experience of recruiting students to the right direction and competence in the relevant industry is the power to direct students to make the right future decisions. We can say we are the only site combining international course and institution search tool, intelligent news updates, practical help and advice and the most reliable universities rankings, Zain Global (UK) helps students tailor their studies abroad to their academic and personal goals.


  • Can be defined as gaining market share in the industry with local and international networking
  • Benefits are professional and customized service
  • Availability and flexibility for immediate and important office and phone scheduling
  • Expert help and advice from experienced UK education consultants and qualified lawyers, meaning no matter what level of higher education you want to study, we have a support and service team that suits you, because we believe that international students and EU students should have access to trusted, expert advice on universities and courses in the UK.


  • To help students choose the “Best University”, as our international education consultants are fully experienced and trained by trusted university partners and the British Council
  • To nurture talent and foster personal achievement
  • To help students balance the diverse and rapidly changing environment of London.
  • To support throughout the entire process, and can help you regardless of the stage you are
  • To help you getting a partial scholarship which you may struggle to get by yourself
  • To empower the world’s students and connect them with the educational institutions and graduate employers that best suit their skills and requirement


  • To ensure that only those institutions that apply to it are in the best interest of the student or profile and we are here to help guide you through every step of the application process to any UK university, language school or college.
  • To promote the overall development of students’ abilities and personalities and to enhance their potential
  • To provide without strenuous and specific quality services
  • Commit to continuous improvement and maintain a high standard of performance and quality to establish exemplary excellence in higher education
  • To work with prospective students and overseas colleges / universities / institutions / organizations

We are part of the best international network of higher-education institutions