Study in UK - A Complete Guide

Study in UK – A Complete Guide

  • Studying abroad is a life-changing opportunity to experience the best education especially when the world is so competitive. Studying abroad must be an added advantage in finding the right choice of employment, and it’s one of the best ways to enhance all your skills. Known for its exceptionally high standards, the United Kingdom is one of the destinations to study and is a host to one of the world’s largest international student communities. It offers a range of flexible and recognized courses worldwide, specializing in arts, medicine, MBA, and STEM subjects. You will find some of the world’s best student cities in UK that offer an amazing study experience. Some of the best cities in the UK which include London, Birmingham, Coventry, Manchester, Edinburgh, and Glasgow.Why Study in UK?
    From time immemorial, top universities in the UK have offered a wide range of courses from the most traditional academic areas to some of the most practical methods with a vocational orientation. Each university has strengths and areas of specialization; they are all significant contributors to the research and development of the UK University ranking.

    Reasons to Study in the UK:
    The courses’ duration is less, helping to curb tuition fees and living expenses in the UK.

    A UG Program duration is three years, and the full-length postgraduate programs last for one year.

    The course structure is simpler and more manageable to bring out students’ best.

    The expert tutors in the universities deliver the syllabus content with ease.
    Benefits of Studying in UK
    British Universities have gained a global reputation for excellence in the education system. By following a regular review process, the top Universities ensure that they meet the highest possible international standards. The British education approach is now recognized as the best and one of the most innovative.

    1. Globally acknowledged Universities
    The Universities in the UK have a remarkable reputation. The UK degree is globally recognized by international students, top employers, and even government bodies, creating chances to get placed with leading companies.

    2. Education Quality
    The UK’s educational system and its quality are considered the best globally. some countries try to adopt the same system. QAA regularly inspects UK universities to assess learning, teaching, and research standards that ensure the set benchmarks are met.

    3. Opportunities offered by the UK Education System
    UK universities promote the integration of various subjects in a single course. Support for the English language improves excellent language skills, which are vital in the global digital arena and will increase your job chances.

    4. Distinctive Culture
    The unrivalled cultural diversity of life in the United Kingdom offers you a opportunity to experience a multicultural world, meet fellow international students, and build the desirable skills required to be part of the global workforce of today.

    5. Earn while you Learn
    You will always have the chance to prove yourself if you choose to study in the UK because you can opt for part-time work or do an internship. This would be an added experience along with the working skills you obtain. Your universities will provide full-time working options after studies.

    6. Robust Research
    The Research Excellence Framework ( REF ) classified 30% of the UK universities as ‘world-leading’ and 46% of them as ‘internationally excellent.’

    7. Support System
    International student societies are not just conducting events, planning activities, and outings, but also helping in the rough days and giving advice on personal problems, and assisting you as you fit in.

    8. Scholarships to Study in the UK
    Most UK universities offer students merit-based scholarships for their international students in UK to support their studies and living expenses in the UK. The first and the foremost thing is that you should have gained an acceptance to the course of study.

    9. Student visa for UK
    One needs to get a UK Tier 4 General Student visa to study at UK Universities. It is relatively easy to obtain. The process is more straightforward, transparent, and user-friendly for international students who have received an offer/CAS and can show the required funding available.

    Intakes in UK

    Major intakes in UK
    The universities abroad have multiple intakes. Particularly in the UK, the higher educational institutions offer two or more intakes. There are two popular intakes in the UK; Autumn Intake and Spring Intake. Let’s understand the differences between the two.

    September/October Intake
    January/February Intake
    April/May Intake
    Some universities in the UK also provide April / May intake for a few courses.

    September Intake
    September intakes are the major intakes in UK. It is also called autumn intake in the UK. Almost all the courses are offered in many UK universities in the September intake.

    For the September intake, the application deadlines are between February and May of that particular academic year. These deadlines may vary for different universities and courses. It is advised to always check with the respective universities for more details on application deadlines.

    January Intake in UK
    September intake being the major intake in the UK, the January intake is the secondary one. Compared to the September intake, January intake does not offer many courses as this is not a major intake in the UK. Still, this intake allows the students who have missed the admission in the main intake. It gives students some more time to work on their applications.

    May intake in UK
    The most popular and preferred intakes that many students opt for are the May intakes in the UK. The primary reason for May intakes is that the top Universities in the UK don’t participate in this particular intake. Even if some of them do, the choice of courses offered is minimal.



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