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Mathematics BSc


Course content
The course has been designed to support your development as a mathematician. The first year modules will train you to think like a mathematician so that you can learn how mathematics is created and how it is used to solve concrete problems. You will learn how mathematics is a language to express complicated ideas succinctly, and how it is unreasonably good at describing and solving real-world problems
In your second year, this development will continue towards a more rigorous approach. You will learn to think much more rigorously, and you will start to understand some of the more fascinating areas of pure and applied mathematics. You will also learn to apply your learning to find concrete solutions to questions in the module Problem Solving Methods.
In your third year, and fourth year if you choose to take the MMath, you will study an array of specialist mathematics modules that will provide you with the tools to study and understand complex problems and analyse solutions.
Throughout your studies your learning will be assessed with a mixture of coursework and exams as well as presentations, group assignment and reports.

What will you gain?
You will develop your knowledge of mathematics through investigating key topics in algebra and analysis and will learn to work with multi-faceted problems across a range of modules, particularly within Problem Solving Methods. You will gain a comprehensive understanding of the language and culture of mathematics and have an appreciation for the importance of rigorous proof, logical deduction and abstraction. You will graduate with a broad, yet comprehensive knowledge of many theoretical and practical areas of mathematics, with advanced skills in communicating complex ideas.


Year 1

  • Vectors and Matrices (30 credits) – Compulsory
  • Calculus and Differential Equations (30 credits) – Compulsory
  • Logic and Structures (30 credits) – Compulsory
  • Data and Information (30 credits) – Compulsory

Year 2

  • Groups and Rings (30 credits) – Compulsory
  • Mathematical Analysis (30 credits) – Compulsory
  • Discrete Mathematics and Geometry (30 credits) – Compulsory
  • Problem Solving Methods (30 credits) – Compulsory

Year 3

  • Advanced Algebra (30 credits) – Compulsory
  • Real and Complex Analysis (30 credits) – Compulsory
  • Communicating Mathematics (15 credits) – Compulsory

Year 3 Optional Modules – Choose three of the following:

  • Project (15 credits) – Optional
  • Combinatorics (15 credits) – Optional
  • Multivariate Statistics (15 credits) – Optional
  • Simulation and Decision Making (15 credits) – Optional
  • Functional Analysis (30 credits) – Optional
  • Differential Equations (30 credits) – Optional