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Marketing BA Honours



Understanding key business functions
This course is ideal for those who are interested in how businesses are operated and managed, but who also want to develop their own marketing expertise.
Through workshops, role-plays, problem solving exercises and analysing case studies, you’ll learn to communicate your ideas and help to sell your products and services to customers. You’ll also study the key business functions that organisations require for success.
In terms of your career after your graduate, a BA in Business Management with a focus on marketing opens up a broad career path. The skills you’ll develop are needed across almost every business and governmental sector, as well as third party organisations.

What will you study 
You will develop essential skills and knowledge in business management and learn essential business issues. You will develop key business skills, knowledge and experience in order to excel in a management career. Companies and organisations require graduates who have expert business knowledge, who can also demonstrate analytical and problem solving skills, with the professional acumen to deal with challenges in a fast-paced business environment. You will learn to work effectively in teams, and be able to present and communicate business management ideas with confidence. We also ensure you develop specialist knowledge in:

  • Stakeholders: their expectations and behaviour
  • The environment of business and its impact on strategy
  • Design, production and distribution of products and services
  • Business resources: acquisition, application and control
  • Business process: planning, improvement and control


Year 1

  • Financial Concepts of Business (30 credits) – Compulsory
  • Marketing Theory and Practice (30 credits) – Compulsory
  • Quantitative Methods for Business (30 credits) – Compulsory
  • Management Concepts (15 credits) – Compulsory
  • People Management  (15 credits) – Compulsory

Year 2

  • Operations Management (30 credits) – Compulsory
  • Business Environment (15 credits) – Compulsory
  • Management Information Systems (15 Credits) – Compulsory
  • Principles of Innovation and Entrepreneurship (15 credits) – Compulsory
  • Organisational Behaviour (15 credits) – Compulsory
  • Marketing Research and Insights (30 credits) – Optional
  • Digital Marketing (30 credits) – Optional

Year 3

  • Services Marketing Management  (15 credits) – Compulsory
  • Global and Cross Cultural Marketing (15 credits) – Compulsory
  • Marketing Strategy and Implementation (15 credits) – Compulsory
  • Research Project (30 credits) – Optional
  • Marketing Internship (30 credits) – Optional
  • New Venture Creation (15 credits) – Optional
  • Social Media and Viral Marketing (15 credits) – Optional
  • Public Relations and Corporate Reputation (15 credits) – Optional
  • Marketing Consultancy Project (15 credits) – Optional
  • Fashion Marketing (15 credits) – Optional
  • Professional Communication (15 credits) – Optional