How to get a job as a student in the UK

How to get a job as a student in the UK

Part-time student jobs can be a great way to cover the cost of your studies. However, finding a job abroad on your own is quite a challenge for any young person.

zain global keeps you up to date with current and complete information, which will turn your studies abroad into an experience without too many difficult attempts.

Find out in the article below what are the qualities that a #UK employer is looking for in a young person, as well as what types of jobs you can have from the first years of study in this country.

1. Prepare early for employment
2. Patiently succeed
3. What qualities are employers in the UK looking for?
4. How can you increase your chances of being hired?
5. Special recruitment services to which you can apply in the UK
5.1. Career services offered by universities
5.2. Recruitment websites
1. Prepare in advance for employment

If you have arrived in the UK, you do not have to start the “hunt” for jobs from day 2. Our advice is to prepare the employment documents in advance (even in the country) and to have a little patience to find the job that really suits you.

Our advisors recommend that you complete a CV at home, before settling in the UK and making a few photocopies of it. Also, a letter of intent or even a recommendation from a former job (if applicable) or from teachers can increase your chances of employment.

#Type: Before completing your personal details on UK recruitment sites, try a little exercise and answer the following questions:

  • What hobbies do you have / What would you like to do in your free time?
  • How would you describe the perfect job for you?
  • How many hours a week can you devote to this job?
  • Would you like to work in the morning or in the evening?
  • List 5 of your qualities that would surely make UK employers take you to their team
  • What salary would you like to earn / How much money do you need (perhaps the most important question of these)
  • Student in the UK applying for a job
  • 2. Patiently you will succeed
    There is a possibility that you will not find a job in the first year of your studies or in the first months of living in the UK.

Do not give up! Continue to access the job promotion websites available, as well as communicate to as many people as possible that you are looking for a job. The right person, in the right place, can recommend you to an employer immediately.

Also, try to constantly “update” your employment documents or even check them to see if certain information is missing from them.

3. What qualities are employers in the UK looking for?
For part time jobs you will not, most of the time, need a set of special qualities or skills.

There are, however, some general skills that you should have that can help you in any job:

  • Ability to work in a team (shows that you are a sociable and communicative person)
  • Solve problems easily, if they occur unexpectedly (the employer may see you as a trusted person, if you manage to stay calm and perform your tasks even in critical situations)
  • Time management (shows how organized you are as a person in your own life, but also at work)
  • Computer / smartphone operating skills (these skills can help you expand your business into other areas such as sales management or promotion)
  • Kindness to customers
  • Sincerity (if you are a sincere person, you can easily gain the trust of your employer)
  • student preparing to apply for a job in the UK

4. How can you increase your chances of being hired?
With a lot of work and dedication, the results will not stop appearing. This “rule” also applies to job search.

If you plan to hire only from the second year of studies, we recommend that you use the first year to improve your personal and professional qualities.

Do you think that certain skills from the list above need more attention from you to improve them? You can do this with the help of volunteer classes and internships!

Universities in the UK offer you a multitude of student communities that you can be part of even in the first semester of study. In them you will help older students or even teachers to organize various special events for the university or projects for student competitions. By participating in these activities you can improve your team spirit, how you manage your time and even make new friends!

The good part is that you can include all these events that you helped, in your resume, to turn it into a complete one!


5. Special recruitment services to which you can apply in the UK

5.1. Career services provided by universities
Each UK university has a career services team that can guide you through your years of study with information on specific topics such as the following:

  • How to build a complete and correct CV
  • Where to look for a job that is right for you
  • How to prepare for the job interview in English

5.2. Recruitment websites
This type of website, together with social networks (such as LinkedIn), is a good source of job offers in the UK that you can often access for free! Employers often use these to post job postings or to recruit students for a part-time job.

StudentJob UK is the perfect example of a website that includes part-time job offers for students! The advantage of this platform is that you can select the region of the UK where you want to work, and it will give you the complete list of jobs available to you, immediately! In addition, registration on StudentJob is completely free for students!

#Type: Create your full recruitment platform on any of the UK recruitment platforms, including as many skills as possible and your entire school history, with performance (if applicable). Don’t forget our recommendations above. 😀

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