The most common reason for a student visa application being refused is due to insufficient funds or incorrect financial evidence


Universities in UK are considered some of the bests in the world. If you’re willing to study in UK, the first step is to apply for a course. There are several courses and top UK universities to choose from, and the application process looks intimidating to many students. Here are all the steps required to apply at universities in UK for international students:


How to apply to Universities in UK?


UK university admission for international students:

Best Courses to Study at Universities in UK:


The first thing you should decide when you want to study in the UK is what course and programs, you’re willing to opt for. The UK is mostly known for education in Engineering, Business, Finances. You can check out below the list of Universities in UK for specific courses to choose from.


Top UK Universities for International Students:


Now you’ve decided on what course you want to go ahead with, the next step is where. The most confusing decision of all, the next step is to choose the Universities in UK you want to apply for. The UK is famous for world-renowned institutes like Oxford and Cambridge, but the big names don’t just stop there. To help you with choosing the right UK University, here is the list of Universities in the UK that feature some of the Top Universities across the world:

University of Cambridge
        University of Oxford
        The University of Edinburgh
        Imperial College of London (ICL)
        University College London (UCL)


UK Admission Requirements for Universities:


The next step to study in UK is to apply to the university you’ve chosen. Most Universities accept the application online. You need to look for the admission requirements for your course before you are applying. It’s important to know the eligibility criteria and Admission requirements can change not only with each University but also the courses.


How to Apply for UK Universities?


As said above, the application process will be an online process. Make sure to fill out the application correctly for your course and pay the required fees before the deadline of UK Universities. You will be asked to upload proof and documents required as per your course. Make sure you go through the details thoroughly for the document requirements.


English Language Requirements


The next part is English Language proficiency to Study in UK Universities. The courses are taught in English, so a basic requirement from the student is to understand the language he or she is going to study. The most common Tests to prove your English Language Proficiency are IELTS and TOEFL. However, there are Cambridge Tests and on-campus intensive English courses in some Universities in UK, if students do not want to take IELTS or TOEFL.


Required Documents to Apply at Universities in UK:


When you apply to UK Universities, there are some common documents you will need to submit. However, the requirements will can change depending the universities and courses.


  •         A Valid Passport
    Passport Photographs
    Application Essay or SOP
    CV or Resume
    Academic Certificates, Mark sheets, Degree, and Transcripts
    Language Proficiency Proof
    Proof of Paid Application Fees


Application Deadlines to Study in UK:


The application deadlines for UK Universities can vary from University to University. The most common undergraduate application deadline for Universities in the UK is around mid-January. The Postgraduate admissions for September Intake in UK have deadlines to apply for until June-July, however, it’s always advisable to apply before six months of the intake.


Acceptance Letter and UK Student Visa:

Once you are accepted at a university, you will receive an acceptance letter from them. As soon as you get the acceptance letter, start the visa application process for UK.


You will also need to arrange the funds for your Student Visa process, and insurance to Study in UK, you can look for Scholarships in UK to help your funds. Also, look for accommodation before your arrival in UK.


How to get admission in UK Universities for Indian Students?

With the recent changes in the Stay Back rules of UK, the country is back on track to become one of the most preferred destinations across the world for Indian students. With Post Study Work Visa in UK to be Extended up to 2 Years from 2021, more and more Indian students who prefer English speaking countries like the USA, Canada, and Australia, are expected to move towards the UK once again. Before 2021, UK was just behind the USA in many Indian Students’ lists.


As far as the admission process goes, the universities in UK are no different for Indian Students than international students in terms of process and requirements. If a student is fulfilling every required criterion for a course, there will not be any problems in getting admission.



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