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International Relations MA


Course content
This course will help you understand modern international events and developments through the application of theory to contemporary case studies.
Four core plus two optional modules are completed over terms one and two, with a Dissertation period in term three. Each module is worth 20 credits, except the Dissertation and Work Integrated Learning modules which are worth 60 credits each. The Work Integrated Learning module may be chosen to replace the Dissertation with prior agreement.
Additional optional modules available in Law
As well as the optional modules listed below, students can choose to study from a range of Law modules in terms one and two.


  • Foreign Policy Analysis: Geopolitical Perspectives (20 Credits)- Compulsory
  • Global Security (20 Credits) – Compulsory
  • Politics of Globalisation (60 Credits)- Compulsory
  • Research and Practice Skills (20 Credits)- Compulsory

Plus one of the below modules

  • Dissertation (60 Credits)- Optional
  • Work Integrated Learning (60 Credits)- Optional

Optional modules- (20 Credits worth)

  • Environmental Law and Governance
  • Global Criminology and Policing
  • Environmental Policy and Ethics
  • Global Governance for Sustainable Development
  • Sustainable Development and Human Rights
  • Migration: Theories & Approaches
  • Integrated work Learning
  • Political Violence & Terrorism
  • Law & Policy of the World Trade Organisation
  • International Organisations and Dispute Resolution
  • International Human Rights Law
  • Business and Human Rights
  • Citizenship, the Right to Nationality and Statelessness