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International Politics and Law BA 


Course content
You will explore the international political and legal processes and institutions, as well as a range different political and legal systems across the world. You will also cover the key ideas, concepts, theories and practices of politics and law.
You will be introduced to the basic concepts of politics and political ideologies and international development issues which is balanced with an introduction to law and legal skills and public law. You will then focus on enhancing your understanding of international political theories and concepts and the international legal basis of human rights and relates them to the international social, economic, and political context in which they operate. Finally, you will combine your critical understanding of the aspects of public international law as well as concepts and theories of global and regional geopolitics with statecraft and legal practice in international politics.

What will you gain?
You will be able to analyse information and relevant areas of research from a variety of sources, and reflect upon and evaluate the principles, values and ideologies underlying perspectives on politics and law. You will demonstrate the necessary independent critical thinking skills required to explore further areas of interest within the subject areas, either through continued study or more general engagement with contemporary issues and debates.


Year 1

  • Introduction to Politics (30 Credits) – Compulsory
  • Introduction to Development (30 Credits) – Compulsory
  • Introduction to Law (30 Credits) – Compulsory
  • Public Law (30 Credits) – Compulsory

Year 2

  • Theories of International Relations (30 Credits) – Compulsory
  • UK and European Human Rights Law (30 Credits) – Compulsory

Year 2 optional modules 

  • Comparative Politics (30 Credits) – Optional
  • Politics of Europe (30 Credits) – Optional
  • Global Political Economy (30 Credits) – Optional
  • Approaches to Research in the Social Sciences (30 Credits) – Optional
  • Equality and the Law (30 Credits) – Optional
  • Jurisprudence (30 Credits) – Optional
  • European Internal Market Law (30 Credits) – Optional

Year 3

  • Global Geopolitics: Critical Perspectives and Issues (30 Credits) – Compulsory
  • Public International Law (30 Credits) – Compulsory
  • Year 3 optional modules
  • Humanitarianism and Global Change (30 Credits) – Optional
  • Migration and Citizenship (30 Credits) – Optional
  • Dissertation (30 Credits) – Optional
  • Integrated Learning and Work Placement (30 Credits) – Optional
  • Development Policy Seminars (30 Credits) – Optional
  • International Politics and the Middle East and North Africa (30 credits) – Optional
  • Child and Family Law (30 Credits) – Optional
  • Employment Law (30 Credits) – Optional
  • Immigration, Nationality And Asylum Law in the UK (30 Credits) – Optional
  • Medical Law (30 Credits) – Optional
  • UK Company Law (30 Credits) – Optional
  • Integrated Learning and Work Placement (30 Credits) – Optional
  • Evidence (30 Credits) – Optional
  • Global Trade Law (30 Credits) – Optional
  • Project (30 Credits) – Optional