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Creative Writing and Journalism BA Honours

Course content
The BA Creative Writing and Journalism will give you a solid grounding in language and communication across a range of creative and journalistic genres and through a variety of media. It will also link you with the worlds of media, journalistic and literary employment.
The first year of the course introduces you to essential journalism skills and creative writing skills that you can apply across a range of media, including narrative storytelling, finding your voice and exploring character, dialogue and conflict.
In the second year you will have the opportunity to develop your creative strengths in such fields as fiction, scriptwriting (with the opportunity to have your script turned into a short film by BA Film students) and storytelling for games, as well as to develop and deepen your journalistic knowledge and skills across print, broadcast, online, mobile and emergent technologies.
The third year gives you the opportunity to work in depth on an independent project, as well as to boost your employability through our innovative Entrepreneurship and Work Placement modules.


Year 1

  • Writing Creatively (30 credits) – Compulsory
  • Character, Conflict and Dialogue (30 credits) – Compulsory
  • What is Journalism? (30 credits) – Compulsory
  • Journalism Skills (30 credits) – Compulsory

Year 2

  • Multimodal Journalism (30 credits) – Compulsory
  • Screen Writing for Shorts (30 credits) – Optional
  • Fiction: The Short Story (30 credits) – Optional
  • Storytelling for Games (30 credits) – Option
  • Arts, Lifestyle and Sports Journalism (30 credits) – Optional
  • Political Communication (30 credits) – Optional
  • Innovation, Science and Technology (30 credits) – Optional

Year 3

  • Creative Writing Project (30 credits) – Compulsory
  • Genre Fiction (30 credits) – Optional
  • Popular Non-Fiction (30 credits) – Optional
  • Long Form Journalism (30 credits) – Optional
  • Journalism, Money and Power (30 credits) – Optional
  • Global Journalism and News Culture (30 credits) – Optional
  • Working as a Writer (30 credits) – Compulsory