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Childhood and Education in Diverse Societies MA


Course content

The course is built around the following core ideas:

  • Diversity
    You will explore how people have tried to make sense of difference and how these ideas can help us think critically about diversity by looking at feminist, queer, and anti-colonial perspectives. You will focus on these fresh insights to help you think about practice in new ways.
  • Policies
    You will complete in-depth analysis of how policies affect children and young people drawing on case studies from a range of interesting contexts around the world.
  • Social justice
    You will be given opportunities for placements and work experience modules which have a focus on having an impact in the real world.

What will you gain?
You will learn how to think with theory to help tackle old problems in innovative and exciting ways, and understand how policy shapes practice, and crucially, how practitioners can work with policy to promote social justice. You will reflect on your own strengths and development needs to be better placed to have a positive impact as well as being able to utilise, conduct and evaluate research to help others.


  • Interrogating Policy and Practice for Social Justice (30 credits) – Compulsory
  • Dangerous Ideas: Thinking with Theory to Problematise Childhood and Education (30 credits) – Compulsory
  • Researching Children’s and Young People’s Lives (30 credits) – Compulsory
  • Communities of Change: Making a Difference through Service Learning (30 credits) – Optional
  • Enacting Policy: Promoting Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in Practice (30 credits) – Optional
  • Individual Learning (30 credits) – Optional
  • Professional Practice Research Project (60 credits) – Optional