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Imperial city. Is London the heart of the student world?

Steeped in history , but yet on the edge of innovation, London is home to over eight million people speaking over 200 languages, with 170 museums dispersed across the metropolis and some of the highest-ranked institutions in the world. London Business School's MBA program ranks in the top five globally, according to Financial Times' (FT) Global MBA Rankings 2018, also Cass Business School, Imperial College, Hult International Business School, and the London School of Economics also offer world-class business courses.

All this, and much more, puts London at the top of the list of best student cities, and though expected, London ranks very poorly on living costs, yet with its concentration on world-class universities, a multitude of libraries, arts venues and museums and unmatched international diversity, London lies at the edge of the globalized metropolis of the world.

The ranking is based on the following indicators: collective work of city universities; then the student makeup of the city; the city's desirability to consider metrics such as safety and pollution; also the city's popularity with employers; as well as availability; and student experience.

British higher education is a huge magnet for international students pursuing quality education, and it is precisely London that plays the most important role in the attractiveness of the UK. Students here are really pleased with the likelihood of getting a job in London after graduation, as the British capital is in second place as a city where students feel they are likely to find a job after they graduate.

London has the largest concentration of top universities in the world and this is why this was considered for the most part to make London such an attractive destination for prospective students.

Also in terms of cultural experience, students have relied on London's easy access to museums, theaters, cinemas, natural attractions and so on and so on, international students have a sense of acceptance and tolerance by Londoners. That is why London has long been an attractive destination for international students.

So London is a great place for international students as it is an exciting, diverse city where you will find people from almost every country on the planet. There are also many historical and cultural attractions such as Buckingham Palace and National Gallery, so you'll never miss a thing, plus you'll be able to enjoy fantastic nightlife and find food from around the world.

So, also if you want to study at a top university, in London you have a number of options, and also you can study a Pre-Master's to start your path to a postgraduate degree. And you can also even study a Pre-Doctorate, to get ready for the highest level of study.

So there are so many reasons why students want to study in London, from the strong network of university institutions, wide career opportunities, thriving social life and melting cultures, also a unanimous attitude by students is that there is always something to be done in London at all times and this was a big factor in attracting them to the city.

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