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Enhance your knowledge and skills at University of Cumbria


The University of Cumbria is formed in 2007. It's formed by merging St Martin's College, Cumbria Institute of Art and Cumbria places at the University of Central Lancashire, which operate from campuses spread across Cumbria and North Lancashire. But although is may be new university, but they are steeped into history dating back to 1822.

And as the university continues to grow, expanding geographically as well as academically, they are dedicated to helping those in their local communities by raising funds for charity, supporting local festivals and running there program for youth care, they are constantly encouraging the development of the communities they belong to.

That's why they have a range of services here to enhance their students' experience and provide professional services for business, research and their communities, and there strategic plan is based on the achievements of the last decade to position them as a prosperous and leading player in providing higher-level professional learning to meet the demands of an ever-evolving workforce and emerging markets for students coming abroad.

The University of Cumbria is a good investment of your time and skills as they focus on preparing you for your career, along with close links with local law firms, police forces and youth centres, NHS trustees, schools and colleges and practicing artists ( plus much more) the knowledge you gain in your course is geared towards getting a job as soon as you graduate. That's why 97% of theirs graduates enter employment within 6 months of graduation, so talk to Zain Global team today to begin your student journey at University of Cumbria, an excellent experience to study in UK.

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