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Course Category: Sciences

Mathematics BSc

Course content The course has been designed to support your development as a mathematician. The first year modules will train you to think like a mathematician so that you can learn how mathematics is created and how it is used to solve concrete problems. You will learn how mathematics is a language to express complicated […]

Biochemistry BSc Honours

Course content This degree programme in biochemistry focuses on core themes from a wide range of science subjects including chemistry, molecular biology and immunology. After your first year, you will focus on cellular biochemistry and as you progress a wide choice of biochemistry module options is available. Unique to this course are the two opportunities […]

Environmental Health MSc

Course content This degree will cover the impact of different factors on public health, the spread and control of diseases, health protection measures, and human anatomy, physiology and toxicology. You will also explore inequality and deprivation, housing and health, and law and ethics. You will focus food safety including understand food-borne illnesses, methods of food […]