Zain Global (UK) Limited have successfully recruited national and international students to universities globally since 2012, and are continuously achieving this goal with so many undergraduate and postgraduates applying every year.

We have reached out to many universities offering them our recruitment services, which have been successfully beneficial in countries like USA, UK, Sweden, India, Bangladesh, China, Malaysia and many more.

Our mission is to educate as many students as possible by targeting various communities with people who dropped out of education or have little information on the need for education. We encourage these people to study and we study and better themselves as a way of giving back to the general society
We work directly with our students in order to enrich their lives and contribute positively to the entire community.



Zain Global (UK) Limited is an education agency that was established since 2012.

We successfully recruit over thousands of students every year.

There is a high percentage of UK citizens and Europeans that trust in our services and have been highly satisfied.

We have a qualified academic with experience in delivering courses and supporting the students all through their journey at the college. The staff are very friendly dedicated to make the student experience a remarkable one


  • We are awarded to be British council certified in 2018. (As shown in the images above)
  • We aim to become more diverse and reach wider and bigger platforms globally and thus spread education around the world.